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Your Purpose Online Radio is reaching an ever-expanding global audience each month with listeners tuning in at or access us through iTunes radio. Hosts are invited to lead discussions on topics relevant to listeners’ lives such as relationships, health, family, prayer, meditation, current events, and more.

Become a Host

If you are an individual or leader of a reputable organisation and have something uplifting you would like to share with our global audience, we invite you to complete a host application and submit it for review. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about hosting a program on Your Purpose Online Radio. If you have a question not covered here, please email us.

Who can host a program?

The following people are eligible to host a program on Your Purpose Online Radio:

  • Individual and leaders in good standing.
  • Individuals and leaders from like-minded organisations who are looking to share an uplifting, positive, practical message with Your Purpose Online Radio audience.
  • Individuals serving in a leadership role or serving in one of the primary strategic initiatives set forth each year by Your Purpose Radio Worldwide. (Example: leaders of NGO, YOU, et al)

If you have questions about eligibility for hosting a program, please contact us here.

What are the benefits of hosting a program on Your Purpose Online Radio?

There are many benefits to hosting a program on Your Purpose Online Radio, including:

  1. Leveraging the power of the Internet to fulfill your outreach goals and connect with an online audience unlimited by time and distance.
  2. Expand your audience through Internet “attendance” of your program. Your website will be highlighted during your live programs and in the archives, attracting a worldwide audience.
  3. Access to technology. In addition to listening on computers, your program can also be accessed through other wireless applications such as iPods, MP3 players, smartphones, Internet radios, and more.
  4. The BEST reason to host a program? IT’S A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

Your Purpose Online Radio provides the following:

  • A web page dedicated to your program with a unique url. This page will include program graphics, host bio, your product ad, email address, and link to your personal/business website, such as
  • The creation of unique graphics branding for your program.
  • The creation of unique audio elements (opener, closer, rejoiner, and sponsor tag) using professional voice talent.
  • A program promo that will be in rotation on the network and will be broadcast randomly during other programs.
  • A product/service radio spot to promote your product/service to your listeners.
  • A banner ad of your product and service on your program page as well as in rotation at the home page of Your Purpose Online Radio.
  • Technical training with the UOR engineer to ensure sound quality.
  • An in-studio engineer to manage listener call-ins, maintain sound quality and guide you to program breaks.
  • All program episodes are available from your program page. Listeners can stream the audio or download as a free MP3.
  • Listeners can access your program archives via a dedicated RSS feed, iTunes syndication, or Stitcher syndication.
  • Your fans can listen to your programs live via the website or mobile device using Stitcher.
  • Links to your guest’s website may be included in each episode description.
  • Promotional video using your branded graphics/audio elements for you to share with your audience.

What type of commitment is required?

  1. Hosts must commit to broadcasting one live program per week or can provide new prerecorded segments each week for a minimum of 24 weeks.
  2. The one-hour weekly program will be scheduled at a mutually agreed-upon time.
  3. Each episode will be replayed throughout the live programming schedule during the week it was originally aired.

How are programs promoted?

Your Purpose Online Radio and the host will jointly promote the program.

  • Your Purpose Online Radio sends out a weekly program guide to listeners that highlights the program day, date, time, and topic for the upcoming week.
  • The program will be listed on the daily schedule at on the day of the program.
  • The host’s program graphic will be featured at one hour before and for the hour of the program’s broadcast.
  • A professionally produced program promo will air throughout the live programming schedule and will include your program name, topic, day, and time.
  • New programs are promoted on the Your Purpose Online Radio Facebook page.

What equipment will I need?

It is possible to host a program on Your Purpose Online Radio from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. We require our hosts to establish a Skype account and purchase a headset with a USB connection for the computer. Each week, you will work with our engineer to produce a live, interactive program, complete with call-in capabilities and live online interactions.

How is funding provided?

Funding for Your Purpose Online Radio is provided by the goodwill offerings of our listeners and the financial support of the hosts who share their messages.

If you are the leader of a ministry, we invite you to prayerfully talk with your board to determine the level to which you would like to support Your Purpose Online Radio network. Your monthly love offering commitment will constitute the underwriting for your program and the funding ministry will be acknowledged during each episode and on the program page.

If you are not a minister, we have established a reasonable pricing structure to help Your Purpose Online Radio offset the costs associated with the production and marketing of your program. Please contact us here to learn more.

What type of programming do you offer?

Programs are accepted and scheduled based on the following:

  1. Area of focus. Programs that serve a specific niche for social issues. For example, topics such as Parenting, Healthy living, life for Singles, Getting Married, Abundant Living etc.
  2. Quality of Programming. Programs that complement healthy living and support Your Purpose Online Radio. Hosts who will help us spread the word about living an abundant, blessed, positive, and practical life to our global audience will be given preference.

Ready to Become a Host?

If you have an idea for a new program, please review the process for becoming a host and if you’re interested in becoming a host, complete our application. Your application will be submitted to the Your Purpose Online Radio network review board for consideration before final approval is given.

Your Purpose Online Radio adds new programs three times each year and the deadlines associated with each new season launch are noted below:

Winter 2019
March –April  (8 weeks)
Application deadline: Feb 20, 2019

Spring 2019
April – June  (12 weeks)
Application deadline: March 20, 2019

Summer 2018
July – September  (12 weeks)
Application deadline: June 18, 2018